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If you are interested in volunteering, Sign up here.[This will be reopened in Fall 2015 when we have scheduled the volunteer trainings]

In order to have the competition run smoothly on competition day at least 100 trained volunteers are needed! Volunteers fill a number of positions: Moderators (read questions and maintain pace of the game), Science Judges (address any challenges to the content of the questions and answers), Rules Judges (oversee competition rules), Score Keepers, Time Keepers, Runners, Question Graders, Set-up and Clean-up folks and help during the training sessions. For information on the different roles for Sea Lion Bowl officials please see the volunteer page.

Why Volunteer?  You will be inspired by the academic excellence of amazing young people, feel great about helping to ensure a successful competition, get to work with other ocean science enthusiasts, and receive your very own Sea Lion Bowl T-Shirt!

Potential volunteers should plan to attend at least one training, ideally including a team practice session, to get the best feel for the actual competition.

If you have questions about volunteering, contact us!

Volunteer Training Sessions
We hold sessions at Stanford, at Romberg-Tiburon Lab, at Hopkins Marine Station and at UC Berkeley.

Thank You to all the Sea Lion Bowl Volunteers!
Sea Lion Bowl 2012 Volunteers

Sea Lion Bowl 2012 Volunteers

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