Sea Lion Bowl 2013 Teams

Greetings, Welcome back to a new school year!
Are you ready for the 2013 Sea Lion Bowl at San Francisco State, sponsored and organized by the SF State Center for Science & Math Education (CSME)?

Get Ready with our 1st Coaches Meeting:
In preparation for the 2013 Sea Lion Bowl we will be having 2 Coaches Meetings Conference Calls on Thursday, October 4 (5-6pm) and Saturday October 6 (11am – noon). We will use this meeting to introduce our new Sea Lion Bowl Coordinator (Tatiane Russo-Tait) and discuss the 2013 policies including a possible JV Sea Lion Bowl division for teams and additional Sea Lion Bowl practices and social events. We hope that you join us for one of these calls.

2013 Sea Lion Bowl Information
The theme for 2013 is “The Great Lakes : A Window into Freshwater Science”, so questions may be related to biology, chemistry, geology, physical oceanography, social sciences, marine policy, or technology.

The 2013 Sea Lion Bowl will happen on February 9, 2013 at SF State.

Teams should email intent to compete by October 15, 2012.
*NEW* Online Applications for teams will be accepted through Nov 1, 2012.
Corresponding paperwork must be received by Nov 15, 2012.

Resources for Sea Lion Bowl Coaches
Check out the latest Sea Lion Bowl News,
Find us on Facebook,

Sea Lion Bowl Coaches Google Group / email list (see below for more information):

Google Groups Information
The Sea Lion Bowl Coaches Group will be a place to share resources with Sea Lion Bowl Coaches including upcoming events and other resources that is of interest for anyone teaching marine sciences. I’ve started the topics but once you are a member you’ll start receiving information and will be able to share anything you find with the group.

If you join you can choose to receive email when it is sent, a daily digest, or not at all (with only access to the information through the google group). Either way all the resources shared will be archived and the coaches can share information with each other.

Resources that we’ll share will include NOSB Webinars which will start in November, see for more information.

Join us now,

Contact Us
Please feel free to contact us if you have questions or if you were prefer to use a different email address for the 2013 Sea Lion Bowl Coaches.

Thank you for your contributions to ocean science education and for your support of our work! We look forward to seeing you at the Bowl on February 9th !

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