Letter from NOSB to Sea Lion Bowl Coaches and Teams

Dear Sea Lion Bowl Coaches,

Like all of you, we wish all Sea Lion Bowl teams could compete in 2014. We have a short-term solution, but unfortunately not all affected teams will get to compete in 2014. Interested teams may enter a lottery for a chance to compete at the LA Surf Bowl (Pasadena, CA) or the Salmon Bowl (Corvallis, OR). This means teams will be chosen randomly based on the number of additional teams these two bowls can support.

Below are the rules and instructions for team relocation to the LA Surf Bowl in Pasadena, CA or the Salmon Bowl in Corvallis, OR for 2014:

  •   Please note that per NOSB national rules, ALL requests (no matter the reason) to switch to another regional bowl must be approved by the National
    Office. Therefore, Sea Lion Bowl teams hoping to relocate to the LA Surf Bowl or Salmon Bowl MUST contact the National Office BY NOVEMBER 15th at nosb@oceanleadership.org. PLEASE DO NOT contact the individual bowl RCs.
  • Only ONE team per high school can be entered into the lottery.
  •  The LA Surf Bowl can accept 6 teams (please note this number may be reduced) to

    compete on March 15th. The Salmon Bowl can accept 6 teams to compete on

    March 1st.

  • PLEASE NOTE: Teams will be responsible for paying their own travel costs to either

    the LA Surf Bowl or the Salmon Bowl. Additional funding for team travel is not

    available at this time.

  • NOSB staff will collect the contact information of interested teams and determine

    the geographical division of teams for relocation (so that an equal number of interested teams are split between the LA Surf and Salmon Bowls, also taking into consideration travel distance).

  • All teams interested in relocating will be placed in either the LA Bowl lottery OR the Salmon Bowl lottery. All teams will be informed by the national office staff regarding which lottery they are placed in. The team names picked randomly from a hat will be relocated to either the LA Surf or Sea Lion Bowl. Unfortunately this means some Sea Lion Bowl teams will not get to compete in 2014. However, this is the best option we have given the reduction in funding for 2014 and the capacity of these two regional competitions.
  •  The contact information from the teams chosen in the lotteries will be passed on to the appropriate Regional Coordinator, allowing them to inform teams of specific details including registration, dates, times, locations, etc. Teams that were NOT chosen in the lotteries will be contacted either by the appropriate Regional Coordinator or a member of the national office staff.
  • Any team that does not follow the rules and approaches the LA Surf Bowl or Salmon Bowl RCs directly instead of going through the national office for relocation will be disqualified

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