Our Changing Ocean – Science for Strong Coastal Communities

Humans have long been drawn to the coast. Shorelines provide access to food, transportation, inspiration, and opportunities for exploration. However, the desirability of coastal living leads to mounting pressure on the very resources that make it so attractive. Escalating populations, erosion, more frequent flooding, development, storm impacts, and pollution are among the stressors that impact the protection, economic revenue, security, food, and healthy recreational opportunities provided by our nation’s coasts. Coastal communities need to adapt and plan to preserve the way of life and the natural resources they value.

Each year there is a theme for the National Ocean Science Bowl, and in 2016 the theme is Science for Strong Coastal Communities.  Learn More.

The 2016 National NOSB Finals will be hosted by University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill’s Institute of Marine Sciences, Carteret Community College, and Seahorse Coastal Consulting.

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