Who is involved?

National Sponsors – The National Ocean Sciences Bowl is a collaborative effort between Ocean Leadership and the NOSB host institutions. The NOSB is generously supported by U.S. government agencies through the National Oceanographic Partnership Program (NOPP) as well as by corporations, foundations and other non-governmental organizations. To see the list of national sponsors, go to http://www.oceanleadership.org/link/nosb/sponsors.

Regional Coordinators – Twenty-five sites have been selected to host the regional competitions. Each site has designated a staff member as the primary coordinator for the region. The regional coordinators are trained by Ocean Leadership staff on how to organize and administer the regional competition.

VolunteersEach regional bowl and the final competition is staffed and run by volunteers. These volunteers serve as moderators, scientific judges, rules judges, timers and scorekeepers and are drawn from host institutions, Federal agencies and marine industry. Each regional site is responsible for raising local funds to supplement an annual program subsidy provided by Ocean Leadership.

If you are interested in volunteering, learn more and sign up!

Participating High Schools – Any public or private high school in Central and Northern California is eligible to participate. Teams consist of one captain, three players and one alternate. Each team must have a coach, a teacher or other motivated adult. Pre-registration is required, generally by mid-November. Preparation and travel costs are the responsibility of each school, but some assistance may be provided by the regional site. Free hotel rooms are available to teams traveling from more than 100 miles away. Discounted rooms are available to other teams, family and friends of competitors. Contact Us for more information.

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