Any public or private high school in Central and Northern California is eligible to participate. Teams consist of one captain, three players and one alternate. Each team must have a coach, a teacher or other motivated adult. Only one team from each school may compete in each league. Pre-registration is required. Preparation and travel costs are the responsibility of each school, but some assistance may be provided.  Resources for Forming a Team


Teams will compete in several rounds of “Jeopardy”-style buzzer questions in all disciplines of ocean sciences, along with “Team Challenge” questions that require teamwork and written answers. The top four teams will receive awards, and the winning team will receive an all-expense-paid trip to the National Competition on APRIL 20-23, 2017 at Corvallis, OR. Host: Oregon State University. In addition, the teams that exhibits the best sportsmanship and team spirit will receive a special awards.




  • Fill out with ALL COACHES AND STUDENT INFORMATION. Rename the file with your school name. Send to sealionbowl [@]  If you need to make changes to the team, please resend the entire file with a clear indication in the cover message of who has been removed and who added.  2017-slb-registration-schoolname
  •  Release of Claims-Photo Release – Each coach and student needs to sign this form release-of-claims-photo-release-slb2017
  • Medical Information and Media Release – Each coach and student needs to sign this form  student-form_2016-2017coach-form_2016-2017

Rules for which teams compete:

There will be a varsity league for 12 teams and a junior varsity league for 8 teams. We can host up to a maximum of 20 teams.

Each school can submit two teams to complete, one for each league. All paperwork (a COMPLETE set of signed paperwork) is due on TBA.  We will count the number of complete teams at that time.  If there are more than 12 for varsity, we will drawn names from a hat. For Junior Varsity, we will draw a names if there are more than 8 teams.  If there are less than our maximum number of teams, we will continue to accept teams on a first come basis.


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