Resources for Volunteers

Unsure about what volunteer role you would like to fill? The following documents explain each role and what needs to be done. If you have questions about the volunteer roles, Contact us. We need volunteers to be officials and to assist during the event.

OFFICIALS – Room Volunteers

  • Moderator: Asks the questions
  • Science Judge: Rules on answer acceptability
  • Timekeeper: Keeps the game clock
  • Scorekeeper: Tallies up the scores
  • Room Leader: In charge of procedure

General Information on Volunteer roles

View Full NOSB Competition Rules and the 2021 Virtual Competition Rules Addendum 

ModeratorModerator Cheat Sheet for Virtual Competition
Moderators will receive additional instructions and training on the new electronic game program from the Regional Coordinator.

Science JudgeScience Judge Cheat Sheet for Virtual Competition

Room LeaderRoom Leader Cheat Sheet for Virtual Competition

ScorekeeperScorekeeper Cheat Sheet for Virtual Competition

TimekeeperTimekeeper Cheat Sheet for Virtual Competition

**   If you would rather not perform a specific role, we are also in need of volunteers to help us during the event  **

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